Post-COVID Care Physiotherapy Rehabilitation.

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“We care, when you need the most”
It’s time when the country is in shambles in wake of the ongoing medical catastrophe. The mortality rate has caused this disease to be the one of the most-fatal pandemics ever faced by mankind. But with utmost care and on-time medical assistance, there are reviving cases that has imbibed hope amongst all. Vasavi hospital and rehabilitation center pledges to be a post-covid rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad that will take care of patients’ post the illness.

According to WHO, recovery from such a severe disease, may require a rehabilitation to take care of the after-effects of Covid. Hence, vasavi rehab center has branched out a new section as one of the covid rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad. It focuses on helping people regain their physical and cognitive abilities after the illness, with relatable treatment process and post-covid physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Who we Cater?
We aim at treating and taking care of post-covid patients, after 2 weeks of active infection, till the time they completely recover.

Strategic Care Plan
Expert Medical & Nursing Care

  • Close patient monitoring under the supervision of expert doctors
  • Standard treatment protocols based on current literature
  • Monitor respiratory rate, depth, and effort
  • Post Covid Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Perform suctioning, as needed, and monitor response
  • Place the patient in a position that best facilitates chest expansion
  • Schedule care activities to allow the patient uninterrupted periods of rest
  • Teach the patient to cough and deep breathe, and encourage the patient to do so hourly while awake
  • Administer prescribed medications, and monitor for effect
  • Administer nebulizer treatments, as ordered, and monitor the patient’s response
  • Administer oxygen, as ordered, and monitor the patient’s response
  • Assist with incentive spirometry hourly while the patient is awake
  • Monitor arterial blood gas results
  • Monitor laboratory values
  • Monitor pulse oximetry Assist with intubation an
  • d mechanical ventilation as directed
  • Obtain a pulmonary consult, as needed
  • Obtain a respiratory therapy consult, as indicated
  • Assist the patient with activities of daily living

Reduce Exposure

  • Mask use
  • Hygiene
  • Physical distancing
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Indoor ventilation

Protect the Vulnerable

  • Build vaccine acceptance
  • Ensure vaccine deployment readiness
  • Communicate, implement, and monitor vaccination campaign

Reduce Mortality & Morbidity

  • Early diagnosis and care
  • Manage clinical pathways
  • Ensure health workforce is trained and protected
  • Guarantee access to essential commodities: Personal protective equipment, biomedical supplies, oxygen, and therapeutics

Post – COVID Care Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

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